Labworks Events in 2018


Feb 21st – Webinar – DataViewer / Graphical Trend Viewer

Optimize Your Data Experience in v6.6/6.7 by learning how to setup personal and public DataViewer views, Filter data to drill down to the specific data of interest, view the data graphically and export to Excel.

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Feb 27th – Training Webcast 1- Introduction to Labworks + Analysis Codes

  • Main User Interfaces
  • Analysis Code Maintenance

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March 21st – Webinar – What’s New with LABWORKS 6.8 (Replicates, Dashboards)

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March 27th – Training Webcast 2- Location Codes

  • Location Code Maintenance

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April 18 – Webinar – Replicates + Multi-component Transfer

Replicates + Multi-component Transfer are new features in 6.8 that will increase the productivity of any lab. Learn how to apply them to your lab

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April 24 – Training Webcast 3 – Sample Login

Review of all the different sample login applications including automated sample login

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May 16 – Webinar – Mobile Field Sample Collection

How to capture sample collection information real time using the LABWORKS Mobile Field Sample Collection App: What are the system requirements, how it can be used to gather sample collection data in real time and how the data can be reviewed when samples are received at the lab.

May 24 – Training Webcast 4 – Results Entry

  • Results entry template configuration
  • Manual results entry applications
    • Manual data entry
    • Multi-component transfer
  • Excel data entry
  • CSV file data entry


June 11 – June 13 – LABWORKS Classroom Training

  • Dallas, TX -10-15 seats available

June 20 – Webinar – New Sample Login

New Features available in SampleLogin and learn how to setup Sample Login with integrated configuration, paperwork, email confirmations, date validation.


July 24 – Training Webcast 5 – Process Scheduler

  • Basic features
  • Configuration of the application
  • Sample Schedule building
  • Launching other programs


August 15 – Webinar – Process Scheduler – Dashboard to Active Samples

Sample Scheduling and User Configuration Setup – Learn how to setup scheduled samples in Process Scheduler, and how to login samples to create Chains of Custody and Labels.  Process Scheduler database maintenance will also be reviewed.

August 21 – Training Webcast 6 – Data Viewing Applications

  • LW Explorer
  • Data Viewer
  • Progress Report
  • Crystal Reporting


Sept 19 – Webinar – All things Excel

Learn how to maximize Excel within Labworks for calculations, macros, generating backlogs and uploading results.

Sept 24 – Sept 26 – LABWORKS Classroom Training

San Francisco Bay Area -10-15 seats available


Oct 17 – Webinar – Process Scheduler & ScanDaemon Services + NGII

Configuring Sample Scheduling as a Service and Managing New Services.

Oct 23 Training Webcast 7 – Optional Programs

  • Re-order on Violation
  • Exception Report
  • Manual
  • Automatic
  • COA
  • Dynamic Control Charting


Nov 13 – Training Webcast 8 – Basic Crystal Reporting

  • Navigation of the application
  • Simple report configuration

Nov 15 – Webinar – Nov QA/QC Batching

New Batching Features in LABWORKS 6.6/6.7/6.8.