Case Submission

Please submit your case to the LABWORKS Support Desk so that our team of experts can help provide LIMS software solutions that help you more effectively manage your lab operations.

If you are experiencing issues with your LABWORKS LIMS software or if you have any questions or needs, please provide as much information as possible to help the LABWORKS Support Desk expedite handling your support case. The more details you can provide, the faster the solution. Once received, our LIMS support team will work quickly to address your needs. Please note that if the LABWORKS Support Desk cannot resolve your issue in a timely manner, it will be escalated to Tier 2 and/or Tier 3 Support.

LIMS Management Support by The LABWORKS Support Team

Along with offering all of the functionality and tools needed to address your LIMS needs, LABWORKS provides industry best practices and insights into your data management software needs. Whether you need to determine the best system for your lab or help troubleshooting software issues, the LABWORKS team is here to help. Our Support Desk specializes in providing companies with implementation and support services to implement our data management and laboratory automation software solutions efficiently. Get the LIMS software solutions you need to maximize the effectiveness of your LABWORKS system by submitting a case to the Support Desk. 

LABWORKS LIMS technology powers over 400 labs globally and customer service and satisfaction are our top priorities. In fact we have achieved 100% customer retention over the past five years and a 90 Net Promoter Score which is considered excellent as it relates to customer satisfaction. These achievements are possible in part because our LIMS support team is staffed with LIMS experts that have an average of 15 years of LABWORKS LIMS experience and because of the experience of our LIMS management support, team we can address your needs in the first interaction… “One and done”!

Also, LABWORKS is considered the most robust and flexible LIMS in the industry and because of this, we encourage our customers to contact us for any need. We often tell our customer “When in doubt, contact us” because chances are we already have a solution for their need, they simply didn’t know about it. With our robust and flexible solutions, our team of experts, and close collaboration with our customers, we feel that we can meet any need not matter how complex or simple.