LIMS for Mining and Oil Exploration

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From the north slopes of Alaska to the jungles of Indonesia, we have mining LIMS solutions for your unique needs wherever and whatever they may be.

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Geology and Mining LIMS

Engineered for excellence.

Various types of extractive metallurgy, mineral and oil/gas processes, quality testing and more provide integral, valuable service to the mining, minerals and oil industries. From preparation, cutting, crushing/splitting etc., compositing, size analysis, etc. to water and sediment analysis, drainage prediction tests, impact studies, QC testing and more, these industry lab processes must be supported in your system reliably, accurately in with timely turnaround. Certifications, trends and other types of reports must be able to be produced. LABWORKS LIMS solutions provide all of these features and much more.

Your LABWORKS LIMS solution is designed for functionality, reliability and flexibility, to give you the best performance, longest lifetime of service and best overall ROI in data management needs. Your processing and analysis data management needs are thoroughly met through your LABWORKS mining LIMS solution’s abundant features and functions, along with its great degree of flexibility and configurability.

Laboratory Data Management | LIMS System - Labworks LLC

Mining and Oil Exploration LIMS

Mining Laboratory Management Made Easy.

Effective automation

Automate manual tasks while aligning with industry best practices.

Automated compliance

Save time with standard workflows, industry reports and analytics, and compliance and regulatory tools.

Easy integration

Mining LIMS that integrates with 3rd parties, corporate systems, and instruments and without customization or programming.

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Providing you the right solution for your lab.

Here are some of the features our mining laboratory management solution provides for mining and oil exploration:

  • Receiving, tracking, and reporting by
    • Project
    • Lot
    • Product
    • Single Sample
    • Client
  • Full quality assurance and quality control – automatically by test or product type, ad hoc any time
  • Spec management – test any specs, by client, substance, country, intended use, etc.
  • Configurable workflow – design your process steps to match your particular needs for each type of sample
  • Supports multiple departments, sites – have a separate location for each type of product or for each lab
  • Access any time, from anywhere through tablet, laptop, etc.
  • Supports field data entry
  • Track site information
  • General COAs, control charts, and more

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