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Results Entry adds unordered analyses during NGII import

Issue: During an NGII import, Results Entry adds unordered analyses from an NGII instrument file to a sample. This problem can be reproduced by creating a sample with a single analysis (e.g. RS_METH in the screenshot below). Results Entry is then used to import results for this sample using an NGII. The NGII returns a result for NGII as expected. However, it also returns results for two other analyses in the instrument file (e.g. ETHANOL and ISOPROPANOL) so these unordered analyses are added to the sample as shown in the ANALYSIS table.

Solution: If the NGII Results are being loaded through the ScanDaemon as a Service Configuration, the Scan Target can be limited by toggling the “Add Tests” checkbox.

If POSTRESULTS6.exe is being called from the command line, use the ADDTEST switch to toggle whether to add tests from the file to the sample.