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Slow Crystal Reports

Issue: Crystal Reports are running slowly. Can this be fixed?

Solution: The procedure to identify the issue was:

  1. Make sure that the report files weren´t changed (checking dates on the files under LWDATA\crystal\ folder)
  2. Run the customer report on the workstation and noticing the slowness.
  3. Run the CR_Standard.rpt.
  4. Rerun the customer report and verify how long it takes to generate the MDB file. Verified that the file was created a couple of seconds after the export data screen.
  5. Copied RPT, CEF and MDB to another server and the report ran quickly.
  6. Opened the report on Crystal reports and a message appeared saying that the printer was no longer in use. Disregarded the error message because it was logical that the printer wasn´t there. Recreated the customer report from scratch (including all fields and formulas) and provided it to the customer. 
  7. Removed printer on the report by going to “Page setup” and checking the option to: No printer.
  8. Saved the report, tested, and working as expected.

The problem was possibly that CR was looking for a printer that no longer existed.