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LIMS Management Support: Find Help & Troubleshoot Common Issues

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With all the sample and data tracking required for a successful lab, researchers rely on their Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS). A reliable LIMS can keep your lab running efficiently while meeting all security and licensing procedures.

As the lab’s work grows and changes, its LIMS will need adjustments to accommodate new challenges, capabilities, and unforeseen errors. Without reliable, ongoing LIMS management support, your LIMS processes can fall behind your lab’s changing needs. If your LIMS doesn’t keep up with your lab, you and your team become more susceptible to costly errors.

When you choose your LIMS software provider, ensure they have a dedicated LIMS management support team to help keep up with laboratory information management systems as they evolve.

Complex Laboratories Need Capable LIMS Solutions

The more complex the process your lab has, the more capabilities your LIMS will need. Some systems require multiple integrated management programs to provide a unified system for laboratory data management, laboratory sample management, inventory labeling and tracking, analytics, analysis, reporting, and more. These integrated systems can keep you compliant with all industry and security requirements while improving efficiencies.

LIMS providers work closely with labs to predict the lab’s needs now and in the future. Still, sometimes issues arise that require you to get help with laboratory information management systems. Problems that require LIMS management support have a variety of causes. They can be anything from human error to outperforming growth expectations.

If you have a LABWORKS LIM, you can contact our knowledgeable LIMS support team to get help troubleshooting your LABWORKS LIMS issues.

Common Issues That LIMS Management Support Can Address

A helpful LIMS management support team can help you address common problems that can arise as you use your LIMS. Here are just a few ways ongoing support can help.

LIMS Implementation Issues

When a problem arises with your LIMS, it often stems from the initial implementation. Some installation oversights can be fixed with support after launch. Some require purchasing upgrades. Common installation problems our support team often see include the following:

Poor planning

Poor planning can include the failure to identify the lab’s needs, an underestimated timeline or budget, or poor oversight during implementation, data transfer, and startup.

The LIMS support team can help alleviate some planning issues, but some will require changes at your lab.

Lack of communication

You may have the perfect strategic plan for your LIMS, but if you don’t communicate it clearly to everyone involved, the planning doesn’t help all that much. Lack of communication can lead to the same problems as poor planning. However, sometimes the solutions are simpler.

Excessive software requirements

Sometimes, labs want customizations that lead to bloated code that can slow down or even disrupt the function of the software. In most cases, our team has already figured out a more effective way to get the results you want with your customizations. If your LIMS software seems sluggish, contact the support team.

Inadequate LIMS training

Thorough training with the LIMS users will often define the success of your LIMS implementation. Users should feel comfortable using their interfaces and workstations and understand how the integrated LIMS system can make the work of the whole lab more efficient. That way, they won’t hesitate to adopt the use of the system. When some workers try to keep old systems working and don’t use the new LIMS, it undermines the convenience of an integrated system. Support teams can sometimes identify gaps in training based on user data.

Data Entry Errors

Data entry errors can come in a wide variety. While almost all are simple typos, those minor errors can create big problems. Putting an extra zero in a number can completely change its meaning. Data entry errors can mix up samples, undercharge clients, and in extreme cases, freeze up the whole system.

Many data entry issues can be eliminated by implementing scanners and bar cones for all your samples and inventory. Additional training may also help reduce data entry errors. LIMS customer support can help you identify data entry errors and recommend the best course of action to correct them and reduce or eliminate them in the future.


Analytical and reporting issues almost always stem from some other problem. They can be caused by improper integration, data entry errors, or incorrect parameters on the report quarry. If any individuals or departments in the lab fail to use the LIMS correctly, those failures could impact reporting accuracy.

Inaccurate reports or analytics signal other problems with your LIMS. The LIMS management support team can help you use the reports to pinpoint and address the issue.


Overgrowth is probably the best problem you could ask for. Sometimes, after implementing a LIMS, lab efficiencies improve significantly. The improvements can lead to higher throughputs and occasionally new, more demanding clients. The increased volume and speed often create unforeseen strains on other departments—sort of like opening the floodgates only to find another bottleneck further downstream.

LIMS management support can help you come up with solutions that alleviate that extra strain on your team so you can fully embrace rapid growth.

Choose the Right Team, Not Just the Right Product

As you can see, choosing the right LIMS provider isn’t just about choosing the right system. It’s about choosing the right team to help you implement the system and provide ongoing support as your needs change.

Fortunately, you don’t have to sacrifice one for the other because you’ll find the best LIMS and the best support team at LABWORKS. The LABWORKS LIMS uses real-time analytics and automation to create an efficient user experience. We use our experience, innovation, and the latest technologies to create a system that fits your lab while providing everything you need in a management system to keep up with best practices.

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