Laboratory Data Management System

Most people balk as soon as anyone from our team mentions laboratory data management, lab information system, or anything similar to that. Not because they don’t understand it or the need to have such a system – these are highly technical facilities we’re talking about.

From the two decades of our serving these companies in our industry, we know the biggest reason for their hesitation comes from the anticipation of more red tape that our system might bring. This is why our team streamlined everything within our operations to become as efficient as possible without losing any of its effectiveness.

This is a simple seven step guide on how LABWORKS has cut out all the fat in how we do things, to better serve you.


From login to reporting, Labworks supports your unique needs.

Here are the steps you can modify:

1. Sample Login

Predefine your sample conditions, actions and rules and set up communication networks for data collection.

2. Work Assignment

Manage and assign tasks related to the sample and instruments, and evaluate readiness of system instruments automatically.

3. Results Entry

Customize how you see results, and get alerts when results occur outside of specifications.

4. Data Capture

Automatically check sample status.

5. Document Management

Capture and archive non-numerical instrument data, and automatically route documentation.

6. Review & Approval

Selective routing to assigned signature paths based on sample results. Ensure all appropriate authorizations are obtained.

7. Reporting

Automatically generate, publish and route reports to individuals or groups.

This seven-step guide highlights all of the phases of what it’s like to work with a LABWORKS data management system, and how simple they are to operate. These seven steps are the product of research and testing on the best ways any laboratory can work. We now offer them to all of our partners to enjoy and benefit from.

This is an exciting offer, and we’re sure you’re eager to know more. There are two ways you can do that. First, you can explore the rest of this website, and read more about what we can do for your lab. The other way is to go to our contact page and talk to us directly. We always look forward to talking with our partners, and make their operations easier.