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Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS)

Setting the standard
in LIMS solutions.

A LIMS software leader since 1985, LABWORKS is the most robust, flexible, and easy-to-implement LIMS solution available for laboratories of any size.

LIMS Software

Lab Management

High performance delivered.

LABWORKS is the most robust, flexible, and easy-to-implement LIMS available today. It has been tested and proven true in hundreds of labs globally. LABWORKS combines experience and innovation to provide comprehensive and tailored solutions for your LIMS needs by using the latest technologies and laboratory best practices to provide an efficient user experience (UX) supported by automation and real-time data analytics.

LIMS Software | LIMS System - Labworks

Labworks LIMS Solution

What Benefits Can I Expect with a LIMS System?

Sample creation and tracking through Laboratory Sample Management uses a barcoding system that assigns a unique barcode to each sample, reducing time and risk of errors
Sample preparation that tracks what samples are going where. Track reagents and prevent the use of expired lots
Validation and approval management that works to meet regulatory guidelines and compliance ease while reducing the turnaround time
Sample collection that is easy and convenient with the mobile app
Quality assurance/quality control through Laboratory Data Management prevents poor-quality samples from processing with the use of standardized measures
Automation workflows that increase productivity and decrease possible errors by eliminating manual entry of data
Analytics and operation dashboards that include automatic reporting, query and data export tools, and trend analysis
Results entry and instrument integration that uploads data directly to LIMS from an instrument, reducing costly mistakes caused by human error.

LIMS Automation

Effortlessly manages all your processes and information.

Laboratory Data Management | LIMS System - Labworks LLC

Laboratory information management systems by LABWORKS is easily configured to meet your lab’s specific needs with little to no effort.


Easy-to-use automation and analytical tools ensure lab efficiency.


Whether your needs require hosted/cloud or on-premise, client, browser, or mobile, we’ve got you covered.

Process Automation

Manage and automate the entire sample life cycle.

LABWORKS brings industry and lab best practices easily aligned to your business processes.

laboratory Management Examples | Labworks LLC
LIMS screenshots | Labworks LLC

Data Analytics

Quickly transform data into information.

All the tools you need to manage and transform your lab data into information.

LIMS Implementation

LIMS implementation made easy, your way.

LABWORKS is easily and rapidly implemented without disrupting your day-to-day operations. We guarantee your success and satisfaction!

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Industry Expertise

Specialized LIMS solutions for your specific needs.

Selecting a LIMS Partner

LIMS – Get in the game.

There is no question that Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) are critical to today’s ever-important lab and business operations. The COVID crisis has heightened LIMS’s value due to LIMS’s ability to facilitate a remote workforce and social distancing while increasing efficiency and overall communication and coordination. If you don’t have a LIMS yet, it is time to get in the game and begin to experience the immediate value of a LIMS system. Selecting a Laboratory Information Management Software (LIMS) vendor is essential because you will likely not replace your LIMS software for 10-20+ years. For this reason, as important as selecting the right solution is, it is even more critical to choose the right LIMS “Partner.”

Selecting the right LIMS partner ensures the software solution fits your LIMS needs well and is flexible enough to meet your future needs and industry regulation and compliance requirements. Often, a vendor is only as good as the team members it assigns to your LIMS implementation and long-term LIMS support. So, make sure to meet the team and be comfortable that they are laboratory information system experts in your industry. Long-term support capabilities and the LIMS product roadmap are vital to ensuring that your users are well supported and that the LIMS partner you choose invests in their LIMS software and applies leading technologies and laboratory best practices. Get in the game, choose the right Lab Information Management System partner, and experience the power of what a leading LIMS like LABWORKS can do for you.

Join hundreds of labs across the world using Labworks to power their process.

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