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Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) & Data Management

Choosing a Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) solution is a very important decision because a LIMS solution is not only integral to the efficiency of your lab, but also to your company’s core operations. Also, once a LIMS system is implemented, it is difficult to replace, and therefore it is likely that you will have your LIMS solution for 10-20 years. For these reasons, it is important for you to select a “Partner” rather than just a Software Solution. LABWORKS is the right partner because we have: The Right Product, the Right Team and the Right Approach and Focus to ensure your LIMS success:

The Right Product: LABWORKS has been implemented in over 400 labs globally and is considered the most Flexible LIMS on the market today as seen by the fact that 95% of our customers have ZERO “Customization”. “Customization” = Difficult, time consuming, costly, and difficult to maintain. Many LIMS vendors rely heavily on customization to meet their customers’ needs and some even have their own proprietary programming language because they need to customize almost everything. In contrast to customization, LABWORKS uses  “Configuration” which involves leveraging internal tools that allow users to easily tweak LABWORKS to meet their LIMS needs. “Configuration” = Easy, timely, cost effective, and easy to maintain.

Our 95% ZERO customization claim is even more impressive when one considers that LABWORKS customers span many different industries and range from small labs with a couple of users to companies with many geographically dispersed labs with hundreds of users.

The Right Team: LABWORKS has the most experienced team in the industry with an average of 20 years of experience. The resources we assign to your implementation are experts in your industry and have implemented LABWORKS in many similar labs in your industry. Our resources bring with them many industry and lab “Best Practices” that they will share to ensure that the LABWORKS solutions and your processes are aligned and efficient.

The Right Approach and Focus: LABWORKS employs a very highly collaborative, visual/hands-on, and iterative approach that reduces implementation time and cost while increasing user adoption and satisfaction. Our Rapid Prototyping Method (RPM) is a proven and unique approach that helps to ensure overall success. Additionally LABWORKS takes a holistic approach when implementing and supporting your LIMS by focusing on what we consider the three key pillars of a successful LIMS implementation, namely, People, Process and Technology. Many LIMS providers focus solely on the Technology, and while this is important, LABWORKS feels that the people and process aspects are equally important. Our proven approach makes sure that all aspects are addressed.

Beyond the initial implementation, LABWORKS provides a consultative approach in supporting your lab with the primary focus of making sure your lab maximizes the full capabilities of LABWORKS to achieve maximum efficiency and satisfaction. Our experienced support team and technical account managers will work with you and your lab to ensure your satisfaction beyond the initial implementation. Over the past 4 years we have had 100% customer retention and customer satisfaction.

A flexible product, an experienced team, and proven approach allows us to “Guarantee your LIMS success and satisfaction”. We make this promise to all of our customers and we are committed to achieving it. We look forward to showing you what a lot of passion powered by experience can do for you!

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LABWORKS has been a leader in LIMS solutions since 1985 and has been successfully implemented in over 400 labs globally. LABWORKS provides LIMS solutions for situations ranging from a single lab with 1-2 users to large entities with many geographically dispersed labs with hundreds of users.

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