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Lab Informatics and Data Management

Laboratory information management systems (LIMS) are constantly evolving and LABWORKS stays right on top of the changes every single time. Whether it’s using new technology, or adopting more efficient techniques, we have the experience and foresight to recognize the challenges that our partners face, and help solve them.

We are a solution-centric company that works to provide answers that address the root of the problem – and not just the surface symptoms. Our team is able to offer such solutions through a three-pronged approach that we call the three S’ – software, services, and support. You can learn more about each of them on their respective pages when you click the links below.

LABWORKS and all of its systems exist solely to help our partners keep track of all their operations, and have the information they need available with a few mouse clicks. Our team doesn’t consider the job done unless they provide the peace of mind that our partners rely on to manage the data they need to do their work effectively, efficiently, and, most importantly, safely.

After approximately two decades of doing our best in engineering solutions for our partners, and supporting them in the use of our systems – we believe that we’ve done a pretty good job of delivering on that. But, we’re not sitting on our laurels (award-winning LIMS technology and over 400 customers) and are still pushing the envelope of what we can do to benefit our partners.

LABWORKS is a lab data management leader that makes its services available for the all the good people in the State of Utah. We’ll work to make your operations and information organization the easiest thing in the world. All you need to do is pick up the phone and give us a call, or head over to our contact page and send us an email.

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With a proven history of award-winning LIMS technology and over 400 customers,
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