Laboratory Information Management Software (LIMS) by Labworks

Our team has spent the better part of the last twenty years building lab information management software that offer our partners solutions to improve effectiveness and efficiency. While both of these goals are what most of our partners look for in our products and services, there’s one more aspect of our offers that deserve the same amount of attention – versatility.

Most people think of LABWORKS as a niche company (and in a way we are), but there is so much our software can do for businesses and companies across different industries. Here are some of the fields where our software can do some good and how it can do it:

agriculture lab testing
water quality
food industry lab testing
biofuel lab testing
product quality lab testing
mining lab testing

  • Agriculture

    • Automate manual tasks for improved productivity and accuracy.
    • Save time with custom reports and electronic filing.
    • Instrument interfacing without customization or programming.

  • Environmental & Water Quality

    • Enables NELAP compliance.
    • Adapts to your specific workflows.
    • Provides a comprehensive solution for meeting regulatory requirements without need for customization.

  • Food & Beverage

    • Automated notification of OOS results.
    • Facilitate HAACP and regulatory compliance.
    • Address ISO 22000 for supply-side food safety.
    • Farm-to-Fork traceability functions and shelf-life stability feature.

  • Hydrocarbon Processing & Biofuels

    • Integrate with enterprise systems.
    • Automate the creation of Certificate of Analysis reports.
    • Combine date for different units across the refinery and plot real-time trends.

  • Manufacturing & Product Quality

    • Pre-schedule routine samples for automatic login.
    • Automate the creation of Certificate of Analysis reports.
    • Automate the downloading of information from your instruments to the LIMS.

  • Mining

    • Barcode/labeling and instrument interfacing to increase lab productivity and quality.
    • Comparison of sample results to internal and external product specifications and reporting of non-conformances.
    • Lab reports, COAs, management reports delivered via email and/or web.
    • Integration with plant information systems.

LIMS Software

We’ve only scratched the surface of what our software can do for these industries, and there’s even potential for us to branch out and help other fields that aren’t on this list. Our goal is to use our lab information management software to help as many people as possible, and that means pioneering how people look at our products and services.

If you’re wondering how exactly we can help you, there’s only way to find out. Talk to us by giving us a call or sending an email, and we’ll have a sit down and see where our expertise can be of service.