Recent advances in laboratory science have introduced new complexities into the processes of collecting and managing lab samples. On top of all that, research produces untold amounts of data. Imagine the struggles that would arise if you were left to manage all of these laboratory components on your own. Efficiency would grind to a halt, and the ability to meet client demands would be virtually impossible to guarantee. Enter LIMS technology.

The Evolution of LIMS Technology

Laboratory Information Management Systems manage all of the tracking and research data made available through lab research and store it nicely into a centralized, easy-to-access portal. Prior to the late 1970s, most of the data generated by laboratory science was managed using antiquated transcription methods. Not only were these processes time-consuming, but they also introduced the potential for human error into data collection and management. Then, in 1982, the first LIMS systems were introduced to help automate reporting functions. The proliferation of personal computer technology allowed for subsequent updates that allowed LIMS software providers to offer an ever-expanding range of applications and services. Today’s systems allow for unprecedented degrees of efficiency in lab operations, namely in the areas of:

  • Sample management
  • Integration of new applications
  • Data transfers and exchanges

Solutions Designed for Today’s Demands

Client demand and regulatory compliance guidelines demand that you be able to efficiently collect and track lab samples, and then manage, interpret and share the information that they produce. These many different aspects of your services no doubt involve several users at different points along every stage of the process. An effective LIMS provider should be able to provide you with efficient end-to-end solutions and services to both optimize and streamline these many functions. These advanced, but simple-to-use functions suit multiple industries perfectly. One of the industries that benefit greatly are biofuels, hydrocarbon processing companies. Our biofuels laboratory management software allows them to stay on top of a rapidly changing industry with heavy regulations.

Your expertise lies in the collection, processing and analysis of the samples your clients submit. Why waste time concerning yourself with peripheral tasks that, while necessary, are not directly correlated to the core services that you offer, especially when there are LIMS providers like LABWORKS ready to manage those functions for you. Laboratory applications are benefiting greatly from the technology that the 21st century has to offer. Isn’t it about time your management and administrative processes joined them?