The development of LIMS technology has changed the way that laboratories collect, store, and analyze data. The purpose of LIMS technology, or Laboratory Information Management System technology, is to manage laboratory data, streamline workflows, and improve data quality. The result is laboratory operations that have been streamlined and dramatically improved. LIMS software replaces paper-based systems and spreadsheets, which are insecure, time-consuming, and lacking in audit capabilities.

LIMS was developed to manage all of the tracking and research data that comes from all the tests that labs perform. This data is stored in an easy-to-access portal. Today, this advancement in technology has allowed for unprecedented degrees of efficiency in lab operations, specifically in sample management, integration of new applications, and data transfers and exchanges.

LABWORKS is a leader in LIMS technology

LIMS solutions play an important role in many laboratories, so it’s important to choose the right software. Any task in a laboratory or manufacturing environment can be controlled with LIMS. Since 1985, Labworks has been an industry leader in LIMS software. Our innovative product is not only time-saving but can be tailored to fit any business and its needs.

Because LIMS is such an industry-changing product, many labs in various types of industries have adopted it as an essential tool to save time and keep things running smoothly. As the industry changes, so do the needs for LIMS in emerging industries such as pharma, genomics, and life sciences. But what other types of industries currently use LIMS, and what are the benefits of LIMS?

Agriculture LIMS

Many companies and departments in the agricultural industry trust LIMS technology for tackling their challenges. Companies in the agriculture sector are tasked with testing and keeping records of many different processes and tests. LIMS software can help track submissions from employees, internal inspectors, government entities, and private and public customers.

At Labworks, we recognize the needs of the agricultural industry are always changing. In response, we created agLIMS, our powerful agricultural LIMS that is flexible enough to handle any kinds of workflows and tests that are needed. You can add any new test or element without paying more for costly development.

The span of use for LIMS software in the agricultural industry is almost innumerable. Not only do many governmental agencies use LABWORKS to record and manage data, but many larger agricultural industries use it, too. For example, companies in the dairy industry use LABWORKS to test and track data. Milk, cheese, sour cream, and many other dairy products are routinely tested to ensure their safety and quality. LABWORKS manages and registers this data for them, on top of ensuring they stay within the guidelines for FDA regulations.

Other processes and workflows that are currently supported by LABWORKS include:

  • Moisture testing
  • GMO testing
  • Soil microbe testing
  • Composition analysis testing
  • Grain testing
  • Herbicides
  • Pesticides
  • Fertilizer
  • Seed
  • Fuels
  • Cannabis
  • Animal antibiotics, drugs
  • Any other related and additional kinds of testing

Also included in LABWORKS software are built-in processes like generating certifications or licenses. It provides management of payments and interfaces to other systems, such as the USDA.

Environmental, Water Quality, and Wastewater LIMS

LIMS testing is all around us in many ways that we may not realize, including our air, water, and soil. Many different kinds of companies use environmental LIMS to monitor surroundings inside and outside their facilities. LIMS was originally built for environmental labs and since its discovery, has been implemented in over 150 environmental labs around the world.

One of the most important things that a laboratory can do is manage and control its data efficiently. This is especially true in the case of the environmental industry where a mistake in data can have serious consequences. For example, nuclear power plants, some of the most environmentally controlled plants in the world, rely on LABWORKS software to test their water, air, and soils within and outside their plants.

Any type of business or municipal entity that has to test soil, water, or air can benefit from the implementation of LIMS. This is important work and each lab must manage and report their data at a consistently high standard.

To answer this need for these requirements in reporting, LABWORKS has implemented various environmental solutions into our software. Some of these features include scheduling, chain of custody, mobile and tablet field collection, violation management, inspection management, surcharge management, compliance management, and EPA methods. Each LABWORKS software purchase supports NELAC (TNI), ISO 17025, GLP/GALP, NPDES, and many state and local regulations.

Also included in our software is automated compliance. This means that we can provide industry reports and analytics based on the regulatory tools that you need. Our software can track who is editing any data, when they are editing data, and tracks any values before or after the data was changed. This automated compliance security feature built into our software easily provides an audit trail. When a lab is audited, this data is easily accessible. This makes for an easy audit all around.

Food and Beverage LIMS

Food and beverage manufacturers rely on extensive testing to maintain control of their products and processing procedures. In a food and beverage processing environment, access to real-time data is essential. One challenge that many food and beverage manufacturers face is finding technology that is flexible enough to tackle their industry-specific and operational needs.

Before the development of a laboratory information management system, many manufacturers used to rely on paper data and spreadsheet programs. Unfortunately, these methods from the past have become obsolete because of a lack of security, accountability, and data traceability. Because of the implementation of LIMS in the food and beverage industry, companies have been able to track and control their production processes while saving money and time.

Wine companies use LIMS to test for any pesticides in their product. Tests are performed on bottles to ensure they have a certain strength, and to see if any chemicals are leeching from the bottles into the beverage. Testing is imperative when controlling the quality of the product in this industry, and LABWORKS provides an easy solution.

Chemical, Petrochemical, and Biofuels Processing LIMS

Data control and testing are critical in the chemical, petrochemical, and biofuels processing industry. First and foremost, strict quality standards of raw materials require that manufacturers abide by specific standards and regulations.

The LIMS technology provided by LABWORKS allows you to manage certain specifications based on customer or type of use. Our program stores and manages all of this data and can flag samples that are outside of these specifications. All of these features are available to anyone who uses our LIMS product.

Hydrocarbon, petrochemical, oil and gas, biodiesel, and alternative fuel are all industries that can benefit from implementing LIMS technology. We can help streamline your testing processes by making sure your company is compliant with ASTM and EPA standards and regulations, as well as ensuring that any hazardous materials remain OSHA compliant. Any number of industry-specific standards can be controlled with LABWORKS.

Manufacturing and Product Quality LIMS

When it comes to developing products, research and development are key. During this process, many different tests are conducted to determine the best product possible. What is done with all this data after the testing? Ideally, it is entered and controlled with LIMS software.

Once a product is developed and manufacturing starts, the quality control process begins. This is the important process of monitoring everything coming out of the manufacturing plant. The importance of this step is paramount; poor quality control produces products that aren’t up to standard. Overall, it affects the company’s brand and its bottom line.

The potential of testing and product control is endless because LABWORKS software can integrate with any type of process. For example, one of our many clients who use LABWORKS produces quality vitamin supplements. We provide this company with efficient solutions for their needs by providing receiving, tracking, and reporting capabilities. These processes can be applied to a specific lot, project, or product.

No matter the regulations, standards, or guidelines your product must follow, our LabLynx solution can provide the right solutions. This type of customization to regulations is available to not only our US customers but to anyone around the world. Our software is flexible and can be customized to suit any manufacturing needs.

Mining and Oil Exploration LIMS

The complex, yet delicate nature of the mining and oil industry makes it a perfect candidate for the implementation of LIMS. Like many other types of processes, the mining and oil exploration industry does extensive testing which requires transmission and storage of data. Any misstep can be costly, not only to a business but the environment surrounding a mine.

To monitor the many environmental factors in a mine, various tests are performed such as water and sediment analysis, impact studies, and drainage prediction tests. The water surrounding the mines is tested constantly to ensure that nothing from the mine is leaking into the water. Mines are also responsible for testing and regulating any water that is discharged from the mines. Testing is performed on oil that is pulled out of the ground and into the mine, as well as testing the rock and soil surrounding the mine.

LABWORKS provides an easy solution to all the testing and data storage. Our LIMS data solution is easy to integrate without programming or customization. We understand that mining industry lab processes must be reported in your system reliably and accurately. Our software products graphs, trends, certifications, and other features that are convenient timesavers.

LIMS Software by Labworks

As one of the leading laboratory information management system vendors, Labworks is committed to providing excellence. Our talented team of experts has developed our software with innovative features like easy integration, automated compliance, and effective automation. We pride ourselves on providing a flexible solution for all your lab needs with an impressive return on investment. We can service any size of labs, regardless if they are large or small.

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