Within the world of big data, no one wants to be left behind. More and more companies are moving to data-integrated models for their business, and staying ahead of the curve is vital for any business where information is transferred.

In the laboratory, this all goes double. Proper lab data management is paramount to the precision needed in this industry. Any inefficiency could trickle down and become a series of problems at a later stage, and a laboratory data management system that’s in tune with the specifics of your lab helps cut off these inefficiencies before they ever crop up.

At LABWORKS, our goal is to streamline every part of the laboratory data management process. Many computer programs complicate things and involve unnecessary and useless features – LABWORKS’ customized laboratory information management system (LIMS) does the exact opposite. We’ll never use five clicks when two would do, and our entire system is designed to allow you maximum customization of your lab systems.

As an example, let’s highlight our customizable results entry. Your own style or flair will be allowed to flourish from the start here: Even the way results are displayed is customizable from the ground up. Systems can be designed to send alerts for results outside a certain expected threshold, and searching within large pockets of data has never been so easy.

In a broad sense, this helps expedite the LIMS process. Duplicate or redundant search results are a thing of the past, with a streamlined system designed to eliminate these inefficiencies. The automated parts of the system save tons of time – instead of having to search for systems functioning outside their specifications, you’re automatically notified by LABWORKS’ system. The information can be accessed from anywhere, and by anyone authorized within the LIMS software.

The world of science is moving forward at breakneck pace, and your lab management software needs to keep up. Give our data management system a look, or contact us to learn more.