As you manage your lab, most of the big data involved in your day-to-day information management will be just that – data. Much of the trick with lab information management software is managing the numbers, from systems reports to data capture to alerts when systems are functioning outside their parameters (parameters determined by – you guessed it – numbers). From there, the name of the game is maximizing sharing, searching and availability for the data that’s been entered.

As many in the field will know, however, this isn’t the only area where LIMS systems can be useful. Some of the most important elements of many laboratories relate to non-numerical documentation rather than pure figures, and it’s vital to maintain a lab information system that properly organizes these vital documents along with big data.

At LABWORKS, this document integration is a standard part of our LIMS package. We know that keeping tabs on your instruments and systems is often much more than just a straight-up numbers game, and we want to make all the information related to a particular sample as easy to access and organize as possible.

Our archive system for instrument documentation is simultaneously detailed and streamlined. It can be easily searched and archived, plus integrated with more data-driven inputs for ease of access. All documentation entered into the LABWORKS data management system automatically routes to the proper location, removing the need for a long process of locating the proper matching data and attaching documentation manually.

With this type of lab system, redundant work can be reduced and even eliminated altogether. Documentation of particular instruments is always easy to find, and never gets lost in the shuffle of numerous big data files. Data and documentation can be merged effortlessly, and are automatically grouped together by relevant subject to automatically handle some of this process without any human modification.

To learn more about LABWORKS’ lab information management software, visit our website or give us a call! We can’t wait to help streamline and improve your business.